Frequently Asked Questions

What should we bring/wear?

We suggest a comfortable, lightweight outfit such as a bathing suit, shorts, and a tank top or t-shirt. For shoes, bring something that is easy to take on and off because you will not be wearing shoes on the boat. Water bottles and sunscreen are highly recommended. We suggest putting sunscreen on beforehand so that you can enjoy your trip and not trying to put on sunscreen while the boat is moving. Bags are optional and can be stored and secured at the dock during your trip.

How high up do you go?

We let out 500ft of tow line which puts you approximately 250ft or so in the air. We get a lot of people asking to go higher, however, due to our proximity to land and safety guidelines that is all we will allow. From this height, you can see many miles (depending on visibility) and all the major landmarks of the area!

Will we get wet?

There is an option to get dipped in the water during your flight, however, keep in mind that you are on a boat so there is always a possibility of getting wet!

How long is the trip in total and how long is the flight?

The trip is approximately 45 minutes to an hour long. You are in the air for 10-12 minutes.

Is there an age limit?

Six years old is our minimum age we will fly because we need a certain amount of weight in the parachute to fly depending on wind speed. We do not have an upper age limit, however, you must be capable to stand up and sit down on the boat.

**If you have any medical conditions that the captain and mate need to be aware of, please notify them before your trip.**

Is there a weight limit?

Yes and no it depends on the wind and circumstances. **Contact your mate and captain for weight verifications**

What do you see?

We parasail in the inlet between Atlantic Beach and Shackleford Banks. Views include Fort Macon, Radio Island, Beaufort, Carrot Island, Cape Lookout, and sightings of wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, and wild horses.

How many people are on the boat at a time?

We have a capacity of six customers per trip. If your group is more the six, we can make arrangements for back to back trips.

Why a private booking?

A private booking allows your party to have the boat exclusively to yourselves. This provides a private parasailing experience.

Where are you located and where should we park?

We are located at a booth on the Beaufort docks across from Inlet Inn and next to the Lookout Cruises. Our booth has two turquoise umbrellas and a big parasail sign. Parking is limited in Beaufort, so we suggest either paying for parking on Front Street or for free on side streets. Please allow time for parking when planning your arrival.